Blessed to be a Blessing

“God is not glorified when we keep for ourselves (no matter how thankfully) what we ought to be using to alleviate the misery of unevangelized, uneducated, unmedicated, and unfed millions”.  Desiring God p198

Oh the folly of a doctrine that would enable me to justify spending God-given resources on all kinds of luxurious purchases, believing that I can glorify God by simply being thankful that God gave me so much to buy them with!  Why would Jesus say to me “Sell your possessions, and give to the needy” if that teaching were true?  Doesn’t he teach me to store up treasure in heaven, not crave fleeting earthly possessions that I can’t even take with me when I die??!!

The words of pastor Jeffrey Singletary, Idlewild’s downtown campus pastor when I lived in Tampa, echo in my mind: “You were blessed to be a blessing!” YES!!