Father's Day 2.0

How is it that the father of a 5.5 month old baby boy (me!) is claiming to celebrate “Father’s Day 2.0”??

My wife wrote a very compelling blog post last year around Father’s Day. You can find it over at her blog, “Eve’s Daughter”.

I love the argument she presents – how we wholeheartedly believe that life begins at conception and that our baby boy is 5.5 months old since birth, but he has existed as a human being for well over a year now. She wrote,

If we believe that life begins at conception…then why do we tell a mom that she isn’t really a mom until a baby is born?

Likewise, is a dad only a dad when his baby is born? Does not a baby exist prior to birth? If that’s what we hold to be true (which is what we’re saying when we say “life begins at conception”), then that baby must also have parents!

As I reflected on this today, I began to think of it like this:

If we agree with the assertion that Courtney and I only became parents on December 31, 2012 when Silas was born, this would mean one of two things:

  1. Silas was not a person before he was born. However, we have already written that we do not hold this to be a true statement. Silas was a human being in the womb.


  1. Silas was an orphan before he was born.

A child without parents is by definition an orphan. And I assure you, my baby boy has never been without a mom and a dad who love and care for him.

So I am celebrating my second Father’s Day today because my baby boy had a daddy from the very start who loves him beyond what language can express.