Think About These Things…

…What things?

According to Philippians 4:8 (ESV), the things to think about are those that are

  • true
  • honorable
  • just
  • pure
  • lovely
  • commendable
  • things that are of any excellence
  • things that are worthy of praise

I have several questions that come to mind from the list above, but I have a main one that has gripped me for the past few weeks.

It makes sense to think about things that have the qualities in Paul’s list above.  It seems to me that if I can find something that is true, it is good to think about that – why would I want to expend mental effort on something that is false?  It seems right for me to spend my time and mental energy on things that are honorable or pure or excellent or any of the things above.

So wouldn’t it follow that if I find something that is both true and honorable, that makes it a better thing to think about than something that is only true?  If there is something that is true and honorable and lovely, wouldn’t that put it on an even higher level than anything that has fewer qualities than it?

A second angle to view it from is this:  What if something was only lovely sometimes.  What if it could change its qualitative nature?  What if I find something that was honorable a year ago but now is dishonorable?  So it seems right to conclude that things which have many good qualities from Paul’s list and retain their good qualities for longer are better to think about than things that have fewer good qualities and fleeting or changeable characteristics.

So the question that gripped me was this:

What one thing in the universe is all of those, all the time?

I am convinced that the answer to my question is:  It isn’t a “thing” at all.  He is a Person.

May Jesus give us eyes to see His surpassing worth in far greater measures.